What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a highly advanced non-surgical method of cosmetic pigmentation using ink to inject pigment into the scalp. This replicates the look of follicles on the scalp.

What will SMP accomplish?

SMP will help mask that receding hairline making hair appear fuller. SMP will also camouflage scars from injuries, past surgeries or from a past hair transplant.

What are the benefits of SMP?

SMP will give you the confidence back that you were missing from your hair loss. You may look younger. Many of our clients report back to us they get compliments of looking 10 or more years younger. SMP costs a fraction of the price for hair transplant. It is more affordable than medication that need to be taken daily. Financing is available to those that qualify. Maintenance is minimal. SMP does not use chemicals meaning there are no side effects to worry about. There are no incisions and is considered non-invasive, so there is little risk of infection in our Alameda County approved facility. SMP does not have incisions, so there are no bandages or stitches, no down time, and heals within a few days.

How long does it take?

Each individual client’s needs are unique on area covered and treatment options. Typically clients need 2-3 sessions that last between 1-3 hours each.

How long will it last?

East Bay Hair Clinic uses the industry’s best inks in the industry. The pigmentation fades subtly and gradually over many years, and can be topped up or adjusted in a later session if necessary. Depending on sun exposure and the clients immune system, treatments can last between 3-6 years before a touch-up is required. East Bay Hair Clinic uses ink formulated for SMP specifically, NOT tattoo ink.

Will it look realistic?

SMP is matched to the individuals existing hair color and skin tone, to achieve the most realistic look.

Does it hurt?

The treatment is usually quite painless. There may be more sensitive areas such as the temples or on scar tissue, but most clients report only very mild sensitivity during the treatment. We do offer numbing lotion for those that may be concerned about discomfort.

What does it cost?

We need to see your specific need as everyone’streatment plan is unique. We base the cost on how much work is to be done. There is external and in-house financing available to those that qualify.

What is the next step?

Book your complimentary consultation to go over your specific needs and plan of action.